Growing up as a young girl learning the game of golf, I struggled with
confidence on the course and always felt uncomfortable in my golf clothing. Even at a young age, I cared about what I was wearing and struggled to find clothing options that made me feel like I belonged in the sport. After graduating with a degree in Apparel, Textiles and Design, I discovered my interest in apparel product development and how creating innovative clothing can really
change the way people feel. As I continued to play golf for pleasure in my adulthood, I realized that the way I felt as a young girl unable to wear comfortable golf clothing was still an issue many years later.
The traditional clothing for women in golf had not changed despite
athletic wear and athleisure becoming a huge player in the fashion world.
I set out to create a new and fresh option for women wanting to find the same confidence I was looking for as a young golfer. A product that met the needs of the sport while creating a modern and flattering silhouette for any type of player.